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    Top Green Living Sites
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Increasing erratic climate events, rising gas prices, and conspicuously wasteful consumption of resources have made eco-consciousness a national phenomenon. Everyone is talking about how to reduce humanity’s footprint on the Earth and move towards more sustainable lifestyles. The sites featured below are some of the best on the Web for finding stories and advice about sustainable living and going green.


Blogging about nature, science, eco-friendly products, and the whole sustainability movement has been a big part of making the movement popular. There are dozens of great green blogs, but some of them rise above the rest and are truly powerful resources both for newbies to the movement and jaded eco-geeks.

  1. Talking Nature

    Talking Nature is a blog all about exploring, understanding, and restoring nature.

  2. Mindful Momma

    Mindful Momma shares the adventures of living a green and healthy life.

  3. Reduce Footprints

    Reduce Footprints shares easy ways for us to reduce our footprint on the earth.

  4. Planetsave

    Planetsave provides tips and information on climate change, science, politics, and making your life more green.

  5. Green Talk

    Green Talk provides information and various discussions on anything and everything green!

  6. Green Divas

    Green Divas share fresh ideas for sustainable living.

  7. The Green Gal

    The Green Gal posts tips and advice on making life pretty and planet-friendly.

  8. Environment Green

    Environment Green is all about helping you think green and live green!

  9. Original Green

    Original Green discusses various in-depth aspects of our world, before the Thermostat Age, when the places we made and the buildings we built had no choice but to be green.

  10. Green Grandma

    Green Grandma is a blog where old-fashioned ways combine with 21st century common sense by showing the next generations we care by making small sacrifices to ensure a better future for all and help each other to lead healthier lives.

  11. Iselin’s Eco Blog

    Iselin’s Eco Blog shares the author’s knowledge and information about self-sustained environomic living.

  12. Big Green Purse

    Big Green Purse offers green how-to’s, eco tips, and much more!

  13. Little Green Blog

    Little Green Blog shares tips and information for the person who is more committed to the greener way of life, or the person who is just starting out on the path of eco awareness – there is something for everyone!

  14. Jen and Joey Go Green

    Jen and Joey Go Green share the adventures of a family going green along with helpful tips and stories!

  15. Easy Ways To Go Green

    Easy Ways To Go Green offers various tips and reviews on ways to make going green simple and easy.

  16. Keen for Green

    Keen for Green is a community of green bloggers and activists.

  17. Making Your Home Healthy, Efficient and Green

    Making Your Home Healthy, Efficient and Green provides various resources and services to help people create a healthier and greener household.

  18. Green Earth Journey

    Green Earth Journey is a blog about the importance and ease of going green.

  19. Green Issues

    Green Issues is a blog all about green thoughts, recycling stuff, and “upcycling,” aka refashioning.

  20. Trying to Go Green

    Trying to Go Green shares one mom’s journey to going green with her family.

  21. Accidentally Green

    Accidentally Green provide tips and posts on making healthy decisions that honor God and happen to help the environment.

  22. Got2BeGreen

    Got2BeGreen is a blog that provides news and resources on anything green or environmentally related.

  23. Science Before Breakfast

    Science Before Breakfast is a blog more specifically about science and how it relates to various other topics, but also includes environmental topics as well.

  24. Eco Child’s Play

    Eco Child’s Play offers green parenting advice to create non-toxic and healthy homes.

  25. The Oil Drum

    The Oil Drum provides ideas and discussions about energy and our future.

  26. Green Upgrader

    Green Upgrader provides helpful advice on upgrading to a greener lifestyle!

  27. Easy Eco Blog

    Easy Eco Blog provides green and eco-friendly tips.

  28. Life The Green Way

    Life The Green Way is Birmingham’s first and only green lifestyle blog that strives to bring green more mainstream.

  29. Environmental Booty

    Environmental Booty shares tips and advice on living a greener and healthier life for a greener and healthier future.

  30. Celebrate Green Blog

    Celebrate Green Blog provides green tips and information on celebrating green!

  31. Get Green Be Well

    Get Green Be Well shares green tips and information.

  32. Ecochimp Blog

    Ecochimp Blog provides knowledge and tips on creating a greener world!

  33. Green4U

    Green4U shares green living tips for the average person.

  34. Eco Diva

    Eco Diva encourages and empowers other women to make informed choices in their daily lives from mascara to baby bedding.

  35. It’s Not Easy To Be Green

    It’s Not Easy To Be Green shares one woman’s journey on becoming green and more eco-friendly.

  36. Raise a Green Dog!

    Raise a Green Dog! provides tips and advice on having a healthier, happier pup, and environment.

  37. A Life Sustained

    Documenting the intersection of artistic practice and green living of a family of three (plus pets) in Iowa. This blog features recipes, reflections on green living, and plenty of luscious food photography.

  38. Simple. Green. Organic. Happy.

    Simple.Green.Organic.Happy is a field guide to inspired green living. The blog features regular articles on living sustainably and happily through food, photography, and family.

  39. Civil Eats

    Civil eats offers links to news about green food production, organic labeling, community supported agriculture and other sustainable food snippets from around the Web. The site has a whole section about life on the farm that covers the transforming industry of small scale farming and industrial agriculture.

  40. No Impact Man

    Written by Colin Beavon, an environmental advocate who is currently running for congress, No Impact Man covers green policy and general green news with the goal of promoting happy, eco-friendly lifestyles. Regular features include videos and photos from other fans of the green movement.

  41. Mama on a Green Mission

    Part chronicle of family life with a green spin, part tips and tricks for raising children in a sustainable environment using green products and sustainable practices, this blog is written by a mother of three who wants everyone to know the benefits of a green lifestyle.

  42. The Environmental Blog

    The Environmental Blog explores the intersection of nature, humanity, and technology with articles about wildlife, energy efficient gadgets, and everything in-between. The site takes a collaborative approach, combining new content with snippets from around the web to give a rounded collection of stories about green living.

  43. Earth Baby

    Earth Baby covers trends in green behavior like recycling and composting, as well as news on climate change and other issues related to resource consumption and sustainability. The site has a great combination of hard news and tips for living a greener lifestyle.

  44. Halton Recycles

    Operated by workers from Halton Region Waste Management Services, this blog gives an inside look at recycling and waste management practices. There are articles about special events that Halton works at or sponsors, as well as coverage of recycling and re-use in the broader world.

  45. Clayzmama Says…

    This blog is great for people who love organic food and companies that advocate for sustainability in farming practices. Clayzmama Says… features plenty of juicy food photos as well as green living tips for parents and families.

  46. GreenAR By The Day

    GreenAR by the Day is all about do-it-yourself projects and tips for how to cheaply and easily make your life a little greener, and even more fun. Most of the articles will leave readers with the itch to go make something cool or at least tweak a habit to be more nature-friendly.

  47. Earth Woman

    Earth Woman started out as a blog to chronicle one woman’s experience bringing an urban garden plot from weed-infested ruin to productive beauty. The writer has gained a following as someone with strong options on sustainable gardening and the willingness to take action to spread her convictions.

  48. Sustainable Eats

    Sustainable Eats is just what it sounds like; a green blog for foodies and a food blog for greenies. Articles include instructions on everything from seed preservation to winter gardening.

  49. Easy Greener

    Easy Greener covers a wide swath of environmental news, from the benefits of keeping chickens in your backyard to the possibility of harnessing the power of tidal waves to make electricity. This site is full of environmental news for everyone, whether you’re interested in energy efficiency, air pollution, endangered species, or other environmental issues.

  50. Green Fertility

    This cleverly named blog covers the effects of green living on fertility as well as sustainable products for the household and garden. Many posts recommend eco-friendly products or ways to make what you already have more sustainable.

  51. The Green Phone Booth

    The Green Phone Booth is a combination of tips on things like how to grow your own herbs and spices, and general info on the status of green initiatives like water conservation. A team of bloggers takes on everything from sustainable parenting to eco-activism on this regularly updated blog.

  52. Eco Village Green

    Many of Eco Village Green’s posts concentrate on reclaimed, reused, and recycled materials on the industrial level. Resource waste and conservation is a huge issue for sustainability advocates, and this blog has it covered.

  53. Petite Planet

    The makers of Petite Planet think eco-consciousness should start young, and they offer tips on how to raise kids with a green mindset. Not all the posts are child-centric, but the blog’s main focus is definitely growing up green.

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The best place to start making changes for the greener in your lifestyle is in your own home. From backyard gardening to energy saving fixtures and do-it-yourself maintenance projects, there are a ton of fun little ways to greenify your life, and these blogs are always coming up with new ones.

  1. The Clean Bin Project Blog

    The Clean Bin Project Blog was originally supposed to be a yearlong project of avoiding material goods and attempting to live without producing garbage that actually continued and couldn’t stop!

  2. Recycle, eh

    Recycle, eh shares helpful tips and advice on creative recycling.

  3. My Sweet Greens

    My Sweet Greens is your earth-friendly guide to all things green.

  4. Clean Technica

    Clean Technica strives to be the most indispensable site on the planet for cleantech news and commentary.

  5. Going Green Crafters And Artists

    Going Green Crafters And Artists is a community of crafters, artists, and writers that are coming together to share eco-friendly ideas and artistry in an effort to help our environment.

  6. Zero Waste Home

    Zero Waste Home shares five tips for creating a greener home: refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle, rot.

  7. The Green House

    The Green House shares advice and tips on living simple, being green, and giving back.

  8. Earth Faerie Momma

    Earth Faerie Momma shares tips and advice on being green.

  9. Random Recycling

    Random Recycling shares random and various posts on recycling and going green.

  10. Raising Green Richmond Kids

    Raising Green Richmond Kids shares information and tips on teaching children how to be green and eco-friendly.

  11. Enviro Gadget

    Enviro Gadget share eco-friendly technology reviews and information.

  12. Moms Going Green

    Moms Going Green provides one mom’s journey of going green and organic.

  13. Inside Urban Green

    Inside Urban Green shares modern methods of growing food, foliage, or flowers for the non-green thumb enthusiast.

  14. The Last Biscuit…

    The Last Biscuit is a record of one girl’s adventures and discoveries in reducing waste, reducing consumption, growing food, veganism, make do and mending, reducing, reusing, recycling, crafting, and going green in happy and positive ways!

  15. Modern and Sustainable House

    Modern and Sustainable House provides home owners and contractors with resources and products for building with green materials.

  16. 365 Days of Trash

    365 Days of trash reports one man’s attempt to throw nothing away for a year and various other random posts.

  17. The Compost Bin

    The Compost Bin shares the musings of one couple’s attempt to live a more self-reliant lifestyle by growing, making, mending, re-using, and recycling stuff.

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Individual & Family

Whether you live alone or take care of a rambunctious family, green living tips have never been easier to implement. The sites below offer advice on local food shopping, green cooking, sustainable gadgets, and other stuff everyone can do to live greener.

  1. Groovy Green Livin

    Groovy Green Livin offers tips and advice on making simple changes to live a greener life.

  2. Wholesome Mommy

    Wholesome Mommy shares tips on eating wholesome and organic food and living simpler.

  3. Tree Hugger

    Tree Hugger provides the latest news and trends in green technology, living, transportation, energy, science, and more!

  4. Recycled Fasion

    Recycled Fashion is a fashion blog that focuses on thrift stores, vintage stores, markets, garage sales, and various other forms of retail that showcase recycled, vintage and DIY types of fashion.

  5. Eco Baby Mama Drama

    Eco Baby Mama Drama shares helpful tips and advice on how to live life more eco consciously.

  6. Small Footprint Family

    Small Footprint Family share the adventures in earth-friendly living.

  7. Non-toxic Kids

    Non-toxic Kids is a blog that shares tips and advice on helping your kids stay safe, healthy, and smart.

  8. Our Tiny Earth

    Our Tiny Earth is a blog dedicated to supporting our community, local agriculture, and living a more sustainable lifestyle.

  9. Green Steve

    Green Steve was created so the author could document all the lifestyle changes he makes but also share with other people his experiences along the way.

  10. My Plastic-free Life

    My Plastic-free Life shares the discovery of one woman’s journey into a plastic-free life.

  11. Refashion Co-Op

    Refashion Co-Op is a collaborative blog that showcases refashioned clothing projects and shares techniques.

  12. Ms Wanda’s Wardrobe

    Ms Wanda’s Wardrobe is non-for-profit venture that shares more ethical and eco-friendly fashion tips.

  13. Style Eyes

    Style Eyes offers greener fashion tips and advice.

  14. Good Girl Gone Green…

    Good Girl Gone Green…shares green recipes, gardening tips, green living advice, and eco-friendly product reviews.

  15. The Greening of Westford

    The Greening of Westford offers green tips you can use locally.

  16. Enviro Mom

    Enviro Mom provides helpful tips on being a green mom.

  17. Growing a Green Family

    Growing a Green Family provides tips and inspiration for families who are wanting to go green.

  18. The Chic Ecologist

    The Chic Ecologist shares eco chic tips and sustainable green living advice.

  19. EcoKaren

    EcoKaren provides smart ideas for green living and a handmade life.

  20. Healthy Green Moms

    Healthy Green Moms share simple ideas for living green and well.

  21. Nature Moms Blog

    Nature Moms Blog is a mom’s guide to creating a natural family life.

  22. The Green Girls

    The Green Girls help inspire an eco-conscious lifestyle.

  23. Eco-Chick

    Eco-Chick is a blog that provides inspiration and encouragement for other women to be fabulously green and eco-friendly!

  24. Life, Love, Green

    Life, Love, Green is a blog where you will find information about being green, improving your life, and all sorts of crafty things!

  25. Green Matters

    Green Matters is a blog all about obtaining a green lifestyle.

  26. Green & Clean Mom

    Green & Clean Mom shares how being “green” can be sexy, sassy, and fun!

  27. Green Prophet

    Green Prophet is a blog that acts as a sustainable voice for green news on the Middle East region.

  28. Green Change

    Green Change chronicles the adventures of an Australian family choosing to go green.

  29. Koofie’s Natural Living

    Koofie’s Living is about one family’s journey to learn about how our everyday choices impact our environment and what we can do to live more naturally.

  30. Simplistic Mom

    Simplistic Mom reports the journey of one mom’s journey of going green while saving some green.

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