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    Top Green Living Sites

Techniques for harvesting solar energy, wind energy, and even the tidal movements of the ocean have been around for decades, but the importance of improving their efficiency and increasing their availability is growing rapidly. As oil companies sink more resources into dangerous practices like hydraulic fracturing and prospecting in extreme environments at the Earth’s poles, more and more people are looking for a way out of their own oil dependency. Photovoltaic panels and wind turbines are growing more sophisticated as the pace of research ramps up, but these energy sources are still much more expensive for an individual or household to implement, so convincing people to switch is difficult. These sites have the latest data on renewable energy technologies, availability, and the environmental impact of using a renewable source instead of rapidly dwindling supplies of combustible fossil fuels.

General Renewable Energy Resources

The term “renewable” energy is contextually dependent, and understanding the efficiency gains and the cost-benefit equations surrounding solar, wind, and other power sources commonly considered renewable is important. These sites offer cutting edge news and nuanced discussion of many types of energy sources and how they compare to oil and to each other.

  1. International Energy Agency

    Twenty-eight member countries belong to IEA, an autonomous organization that works to ensure reliable, clean, and affordable energy for those members. Founded during the 1973-1984 oil crisis, this organization now employees 260 professionals across the globe who are engaged in this organization’s mission.

  2. Clean Energy States Alliance

    CESA is a national nonprofit organization that works toward the promotion of renewable energy and energy efficiency. CESA provides a platform for leaders to create a low-carbon energy economy through strategy and policy, and for its stakeholders to promote clean energy technologies.

  3. Renewable Living Blog

    This southwest U.K. company is committed to helping residents reduce carbon emissions through offerings of products and services such as biomass wood pellets, wood boilers, solar thermal and hot water accumulation. Their blog provides information on how to use these products.

  4. Clean Energy Resource Teams Blog

    CERT is a Minnesota initiative that provides a venue for this state’s cities to advance the adoption of renewable energy projects through education, networking, and action. CERTs provide measurable impacts through seed grants, campaigns, and programs.

  5. The Daily Energy Report

    The Daily Energy Report provides viewers with the opportunity to get daily scoops on energy news, events, key players, and the industry in general. The focus is on the types of energy that we consumer and how we consume it so changes can be made to conserve.

  6. Aleklett’s Energy Mix

    This blog, written in Swedish and translated into English by Michael Lardelli from the University of Adelaide, is focused on peak oil and global energy systems. You, too, can examine oil prices and determine where the world stands as far as renewable resources and non-renewable tradition energies.

  7. Green Tech Media

    You can learn more about emerging green and clean technologies as renewable energy becomes an increasingly viable energy sector through this updated blog. Greentech Media provides news, information about projects, and research into all alternative energy sources.

  8. AeroVironment, Inc.

    Very few renewable and alternative energy sites talk about human energy sources. This company takes a refreshing look at human power, power cycling and test systems, unmanned aircraft, and electric vehicle solutions that have helped their customers succeed.

  9. Green Fuels

    Green Fuels is the longest-established manufacturer of biodiesel production equipment in the world. Take a look at their site to learn more about green fuels, processors, case studies, and news about this industry.

  10. The CarbonNeutral Company Limited

    The CarbonNeutral Company is one of the world’s leading carbon reduction companies. Visit their site to learn more about how they help other companies reduce their carbon footprints through quality assurance programs from their offices in New York and London.

  11. Your Energy Blog

    This blog is sponsored by BidURenergy, Inc., a North American energy supply consulting firm. The sole objective of this company is to bring the lowest electric and natural gas rates to customers, and their mission is reflected in the news at this blog site.

  12. Third Wave Power

    Third Wave Power delivers renewable power solutions that serve portable energy requirements in rural and urban areas. Their main product at the moment is an amazing portable solar charger that charges in less than six hours and provides enough power to charge mobile phones, tablets, cameras, and other small devices.

  13. Recycled Energy Blog

    When energy that’s normally wasted is turned into clean electricity and heat, then you have recycled energy. This company, RED, helps companies save money and cut pollution with their solutions for recycled energy – and their blog talks about their processes and their customers.

  14. CleanTech Blog

    This blog, which has been around since 2005, was one of the first blogs that focused on clean tech energy, products, and companies. They continue their mission today with kudos from entities such as the London Times, WSJ, and

  15. The Green Economy Post

    The Green Economy Post is a portal that provides readers with information about green businesses, careers, industry news and commentary. The focus is to cover how issues like the environment, sustainability, and green business impact the U.S. economy.

  16. New Energy and Fuel

    This site is for homeowners who want to save money on their energy bills and learn about emerging energy resources. Be amused and get informed at this blog’s perspective on some of the news and tips for saving money — they engage their readers regularly.

  17. Do the Math

    If you’re a math geek, you’ll love this site where the author uses physics and estimation to assess energy growth and options. Tom Murphy, and astrophysicist, is the author who brings ballpark estimations to articles that provide useful understanding of the energy sector.

  18. Colorado Renewable Energy Society

    CRES is a Colorado nonprofit membership organization that is leading the state and its residents to a viable renewable energy economy. Their goal has been advanced an energy efficient and renewable energy economy through education, policy, and economic development.

  19. New Energy Corporation Inc.

    New Energy Corporation, Inc., develops and manufactures in-stream power generation products. In-stream power generation is an exciting emerging sector of renewable power generation, converting river water and tides into electricity.

  20. GVEP International

    New Energy Corporation, Inc., develops and manufactures in-stream power generation products. In-stream power generation is an exciting emerging sector of renewable power generation, converting river water and tides into electricity.

  21. Energy Boom

    Join the EnergyBoom community and provide your insight into energy technologies. If you don’t want to contribute, you can still comment on the constantly updated news stories about clean and renewable energy, mainly solar, wind, biofuels, geothermal, transportation, emerging technologies, and policies.

  22. MicroEmpowering

    Microempowering empowers organizations, institutions, and entrepreneurs with financial support and management and technological support to create fiscally and environmentally sustainable projects. This organization is focused at the grassroots level, and helps bridge the gaps in traditional financing and donor-based support.


    About-Alternative-Energy has news from every angle of the renewable energy conversation, from green careers to alt-energy investing.

  24. The International Geothermal Association

    The International Geothermal Association is a global nonprofit dedicated to promoting the discovery of new geothermal resources and ways to harness them to meet humanity’s growing energy needs.

  25. Southern Methodist University’s Geothermal Laboratory

    Southern Methodist University’s Geothermal Laboratory researches new ways of tapping geothermal resources as a clean replacement for oil and gas consumption. The lab hosts a regular conference on geothermal energy and has received millions of dollars in federal grants to continue it’s line of research.

  26. The Cost of Energy

    Lou Grinzo is a self-described geek who has blogged about energy and the environment since 2003. His focus is on all energy forms, including emerging technologies as well as fossil fuels. Readers also can find great graphs, public policy information, and thoughts about economics and business.

  27. David Strahan, Energy Writer

    David Strahan is the author of the book, The Last Oil Shock, a Survival Guide to the Imminent Extinction of Petroleum Man. His well-written and engaging blog focuses on oil depletion, business, and energy.

  28. Energy Trends Blog

    You might want to support this new well-written blog about energy trends in U.S. energy generation and consumption. Topics include traditional energy as well as pros and controversies about new energy sources.

  29. Resilience

    As a concept, Resilience is a complex concept with roots in systems theory. In reality, Resilience is a network of action-oriented groups and an information clearinghouse that centers on complex energy and environmental issues. Use the site as a community library and cafe to learn about your own community’s resilience.

  30. Alternative Energy HQ

    Kevin Rockwell has a lot of interests, but his passion lies in how the world can improve its approach to energy, and how consumers can change how they use that energy. So far, the focus is on solar and clean energy concepts and actions.

  31. Energy Refuge

    You can learn a lot about alternative energy trends and environmental news from a dedicated team of bloggers at this site. Energy Refuge has been online since 2006, providing news and tips that they hope their readers take to heart.

  32. Alternative Energy Stocks

    A great group of financial analysts, attorneys, and portfolio managers contribute to this site, which offers research into alternative, renewable, and clean tech companies. As an investor, you may find this site a premier resource for emerging technologies.

  33. Alternative Energy Newswire

    If you’re looking for more news and analyses on solar, wind, hydrogen, and biofuels among other alternative energy sources, turn to this newswire. The site also carries convenient green directory and job sections.

  34. Alternative Energy

    This site is under ProCon’s umbrella. ProCon is a nonprofit charity that seeks to provide resources for readers to think critically and to educate without bias. The issues on this particular section of ProCon’s site are focused on questions about the viability of alternative energies.

  35. Environmental Energy Technologies Division

    Berkely Lab’s Environmental Energy Technologies Division is all about researching energy systems for sustainable economic and environmental development. They analyze, research, and develop energy tech that reduces adverse energy-related environmental impacts.

  36. 360Chestnut

    360 Chestnut makes it easy to understand new and renewable energies, and they help their readers by educating them about home improvements that can reduce energy bills. They also supply information about contractors, how to profit from tax credits and rebates, and a shop that provides what you might need to improve your housing environment.

  37. BioEnergy Consult

    This international organization that works at local levels to actively engaged in the promotion, financing, development, and implementation of biomass energy. BioEnergy Consult’s website explains their projects and encourages participation and learning.

  38. Biofuelwatch

    Even if an alternate fuel source might seem benign, some aspects of that industry may actually be harmful. Biofuelwatch, based in the U.K. and in the U.S., works with partners to expose and oppose any damaging aspect of bioenergy on human rights and the environment.

  39. Alternate Power

    This site serves as a clearinghouse for everything you’d want to know about alternative power. You can search the site for information about building, business, environment, gadgets, and transportation as well as learn about alternate power sources.

  40. Alternative Energy eTrack

    This interactive desktop tool provides executives and analysts with information about renewable and clean technologies. Various databases within this tool cover key industry developments with transaction details and covers company profiles as well as offering analysis and alerts.

  41. DeSmogBlog

    Endorsed by TIME Magazine, this site seeks to provide accurate and fact-based information about global warming campaigns. Led by Jim Hoggan, founder of one of Canada’s leading public relation firms, the research and writing on this site finds the often fine line between public relations and propaganda and exposes it to their readers.

  42. Harvesting Clean Energy Blog

    The nonprofit organization, Climate Solutions, provides this blog about rural economic development throughout the northeast U.S. through clean energy development. On this site, the organization promotes success stories, news, and an “Ask a Pro” section that supports their efforts.

  43. Alternative Energy News

    You can learn more about renewable energy technologies through the news provided at this site. Alternative Energy also has a green jobs and directory sections to help readers stay in touch with this growing sector.

  44. Clean Energy Solutions Center Blog

    The Clean Energy Solutions Center offers free clean energy best practices, data, and analysis tools to leaders who can benefit from their materials. The focus is on policy assistance, which is also the focus of their insightful blog.

  45. Clean Break

    Tyler Hamilton is no stranger to the media, and he showcases his writing and researching skills at this blog, which focuses on the clean energy market. If you’re seeking trends, news, and innovations in this field, you might want to bookmark this site.

  46. Clean Techies

    This site covers key industry trends, relevant career services, and industry-specific resources such as jobs and events. Based in San Francisco, three entrepreneurs founded CleanTechies in 2008…since then, many impressive industry experts have contributed to this site.

  47. Green Patent Blog

    Count on a patent and trademark attorney to bring insightful information about intellectual property issues in clean technologies to light. Eric Lane at McKenna Long & Aldridge in San Diego offers his knowledge freely at this site.

  48. Scaling Green

    If you find yourself stymied by some of the barriers to new technologies, visit this online forum. Scaling Green helps people to knock down those barriers so they can use renewable energy sources more freely in efforts to build a strong and more secure green economy in America.

  49. Clean Technica

    Visit one of the most popular clean tech sites on the web today, and learn about their highly touted clean energy news and commentary. The focus here is on solar and wind power, but they also comment on other energy sources such as geothermal, hydro, nuclear, and transportation resources.

  50. Fresh Energy

    Fresh Energy has, for twenty years, transformed economic and environmental ideas into energy policy. Today, their efforts are concentrated in retiring coal plants, regulating carbon pollution, transportation and land-use improvements, growing transmission for renewable energy, and increasing clean energy efficiently.

  51. Clean Tech Open

    Cleantech Open seeks to find, fund, and foster entrepreneurs who have big ideas about improving environmental and economic challenges. Their networking platform creates a valuable resource for growing the cleantech industry nationwide.

  52. The Oil Drum

    When BP created the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, The Oil Drum was the go-to site for images, video, and information about that disaster. But, oil is just one subject on this site, which also includes valuable insights into coal and other peak energy systems.

  53. Eco Green Energy

    This interesting site is run by a bus driver in Iceland who touts their use of geothermal energy and who wishes for more renewable energy resources. He invites guests to write articles for this blog about eco-energy topics like solar, wind, and transportation.

  54. Council on Foreign Relations Energy, Security, and Climate

    Michael A. Levi, Blake Cayton, and Daniel P. Ahn write articles for this blog about energy, security, and climate change policy challenges. This blog is under the Council on Foreign Relations, a nonprofit independent membership organization, think tank, and publisher.

  55. American New Energy

    ANE provides clients with a variety of innovative energy supply procurement and programs geared toward achieving sustainable cost savings. Their news and updates are available through Facebook and Twitter as well as at this site.

  56. New Energy Cities

    The New Energy Cities program catalyzes communities to take charge of their energy future, geared toward developing cleaner renewable systems that generate significant local economic impact in the northwest U.S. This organization provides leadership, finance, and tools for public engagement in this vital process.

  57. New Energy Movement

    New Energy Movement is a grassroots public charity dedicated to studying and promoting clean and sustainable energy sources. Their focus is to encourage public debate and action on how best to accelerate a move away from fossil fuels and nuclear power to other renewable energy sources.

  58. Energy Central

    If you have a job in the electric power industry, you might want to tap into the resources provided by Energy Central. By focusing on one industry, they can supply energy professionals with the best information, products and services relevant to this industry.

  59. American Council on Renewable Energy Blog

    ACORE is a nonprofit member organization dedicated to building a safe and economically secure America through clean and renewable energy. Their platform is educational with a rich focus on tech, finance, and policy.

  60. The Energy Collective

    This independent and moderated community of professionals seeks debate on innovative energy and climate change. Although supported by Siemens AG, this company does not participate in the conversation or in topic selection processes. Siemens does contribute to editorial content, and that material always is fully disclosed.

  61. Antares Group Incorporated Blog

    Antares Group maintains a wide range of technical and analytical capabilities in electric power, cogeneration, and transportation technologies. Their blog reflects their expertise in these industries.

  62. Renewable Energy Blog

    The Renewablee Energy blog is an active site focused on green products, renewable energy sources and prices, and investments in renewable energy. Their news covers projects and companies the world over, bringing insights into innovative new technologies.

  63. Energy Hack

    Danish freelance-journalist Hans Henrik Lichtenberg maintains this site and blog about renewable energy resources. He’s focused on his own home energy projects and share what he learns, but he has gathered other contributors along the way who also share their individual approaches to consumer energy changes.

  64. Build It Solar

    Do you have a hankering to build your own solar energy projects? If so, this site is perfect for you — it’s a DIY site on how to get started in various projects with references, experiments, and more for any adventurous solar advocate.

  65. Cox Conserves

    Cox Enterprise serves as an example of a company that advocates sustainable energy programs in business as well as in living daily life. Their goal is to reduce their carbon footprint by 20 percent, and they share their projects and progress through this blog and site.

  66. Home Energy Magazine

    Home Energy magazine shares practical information on home energy efficiency, performance, comfort, and affordability. Through a systems engineering approach, this magazine’s editorial content comes directly from individuals who research and employ innovative design, building, and remodeling practices and products.

  67. Energetica International

    Select your location across the world and learn more about green, alternative, or renewable energy news, projects, events, and interviews. This is a comprehensive site that provides all the clean energy news you’ll need to understand this clean energy movement.

  68. Environmental Research Web

    News about clean energy is one resource — learning about environmental research and its technologies is another. Get in on the beginning phases of alternative energy resources and innovative ideas with this site that focuses on science, policy, and renewable energy performance.

  69. Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency

    DSIRE is an easy-to-use source of information on state, federal, local, and utility incentives and policies that support renewable energy and energy efficiency. This is a North Carolina Solar Center and Interstate Renewable Energy Council project, funded by the U.S. Department of Energy.

  70. Home Power

    Within the past quarter century, solar, wind, and hydroelectric technologies have advanced to reach on-grid energy companies, making these renewable energy sources reachable to the average person. This magazine, launched in 1987, has followed the progress of this process and continues to impart the most comprehensive information about clean residential energy available today.

  71. Conserve Energy Future

    Rinkesh Kukreja lives in Delhi, and he’s just as concerned as any other world citizen about dependence on foreign energy sources, its impact on economies, and threats to national security. You can learn more about topics such as geothermal energy, recycling, and fossil fuels through Rinkesh’s blog.

  72. Clean Energy Works Oregon Blog

    CEWO is nonprofit program that can serve as an example of how a statewide member organization can support homeowners to take direct action on reducing energy waste. The blog and site provides information on how to create energy-conserving homes out of energy-wasting homes.

  73. Arizona Solar Center

    AzSC is focused on enhancing the use of renewable energy and educating state residents on solar tech developments. This nonprofit organization also supports commerce and industry in their development of sustainable technologies throughout Arizona.

  74. SeaO2

    SeaO2 provides links to online resources about all types of renewable energy, from algae based biofuels to solar, wind, hydroelectric, tidal, and any other non-fossil-fuel energy source you can think of.

  75. Green Motion

    Green Motion builds environmentally friendly catamarans that reduce fossil fuel consumption using electric motors and efficiency maximizing propulsion technologies. This South Africa based boatmaker builds eco-friendly craft without sacrificing luxury or performance.

  76. Fuel Savings – Green Emissions Technology LLC

    Fuel Savings Green Emissions Technology is a leader in the clean emissions industry. 15 years ago Dr. Alvin Berlin crated The Fitch Fuel Catalyst that help lower emissions ups horse power and gives vehicles better fuel efficiency. Some of their clients include the Department of Defense, the National Guard, New York City Housing Authority.


Wind Energy

People have used windmills to harvest wind energy for centuries, but modern technology allows us to convert a windmill’s kinetic energy into electricity that can be stored in batteries or pumped directly into the grid to power homes and businesses.

  1. Kitenergy Srl

    What happens when you bring professional engineers, physicists, mechanics, environmental scientists, and business managers together? One answer is high-altitude wind technology, capable of full-scale industrialization and commercialization.

  2. Nature Technology Systems GmbH

    This kite energy group has a patented process called the NTS Principle for energy generation. This system includes an increased altitude process that far succeeds power generated by current wind energy technologies.

  3. KitePower

    KitePower has developed a system that powers their design through a “reel-in reel-out” pumping cycle, generating energy that is converted into electricity by a drum and a generator. The team also generously offers student memberships and courses in airborne wind energy and power.

  4. Wind Systems Magazine

    Wind energy is a new science, and this online magazine covers all the trends involved in the processes of making this energy source more efficient. Join the community and read more about the design, construction, and making of all types of wind energy. Take advantage, too, of job offerings and event announcements.

  5. Wind Blog

    Not only is this blog about wind energy interesting – the author is just as intriguing. Glen Estill is an entrepreneur who has played some major management and lobbying roles that affected how wind energy plays a major part in Ontario’s electric systems.

  6. Wind Energy Planning

    This updated blog should be on everyone’s reading list – it explores how wind energy can play a major role in determining an environment less dependent on fossil fuels. Readers also can enjoy topics that explore case studies, jobs, policies, and technologies.

  7. Windpower Monthly

    This online magazine is a leading news source for international wind energy business and its impact on businesses, policies, and economics. Readers can get full benefit of learning about investment possibilities by soaking in the developments as well as regular charting of market forces and trends.

  8. Hugh Piggott’s blog

    Read about Hugh’s lifetime adventures in developing an off-grid experience for himself and for his neighbors. As a motivated learner, Hugh has gained a tremendous amount of experience on wind and hydro power throughout the years – enough to write and teach on the subjects.


Wave and Hydropower

Hydroelectric dams are nothing new, but they do provide some of the most reliable and comparatively sustainable energy used in major metropolitan areas. Some new companies are looking for a new way to use water to generate power by placing turbines in the ocean and converting the movement of waves into electricity that can be piped to the mainland.

  1. International Hydropower Association

    IHA’s mission is to advance hydropower’s role in sustainable solutions for clean energy. This focus involves collaboration with stakeholders to create responsible freshwater management – and, with active members in more than 80 countries, that movement is growing.

  2. Pelamis Wave Power

    This company invented, designed, and now manufactures and operates the Pelamis wave energy machine. They are the world’s first exporter of electricity from an offshore wave energy converter to an onshore grid network, which makes this historic company’s site worth bookmarking.

  3. Open Wave Energy Project

    Open Wave Energy Project’s name isn’t trite — they are working on an energy project that involves waves and that is open source. This company also has “ditched” oil and gas and other fossil fuel projects, making a climate stand on delivering mechanical engineering, product design, and construction work with only renewable energies.


Solar Power

Solar energy is one of the most recognized forms of truly sustainable energy, but the photovoltaic cells in solar panels haven’t been made efficient enough to make solar a cost-effective energy source for individual homes. Large solar farms that can use economies of scale to drive down the cost per kilowatt-hour are slowly becoming mainstream, but when government subsidies for these operations dry up, it will be up to individuals and advocates to keep solar power in the spotlight.

  1. Solar Living Institute

    The founder of Real Goods Trading Company, John Schaeffer, established the Solar Living Institute in 1998, which manages the Solar Living Center demonstration site. The mission behind this project is solar training and to provide an example of sustainable living through an inspiring real-time solar-energized space.

  2. Solar Energy World Blog

    The mission behind this solar energy blog is to provide news and ideas about this company’s solar energy solutions. The result could be a reduced dependence on foreign oil, reduced carbon emissions, and lower energy costs with every new residential and commercial project that this company installs.

  3. SolarEnergy’s Blog

    Find a solar panel installer at this site, but only after you read the pertinent information offered on why solar can work for you as a home energy source. If you have a solar blog, these folks want to know – join in on their growing library of solar energy news, innovations, experiences, and conversations!

  4. Solar Energy Directory Blog

    What a great resource for solar energy news and for news about events, resources, and professional services across the country. The directory is growing, providing a way for solar energy businesses, associations, and news agencies and their readers to connect quickly.

  5. PV Magazine

    PV Magazine is a monthly trade publication for the international photovoltaics community with a 25,000 print run circulation. They provide much of their materials online, so readers can learn more about markets and trends, research and development, and careers in this industry.

  6. American Solar Energy Society

    This organization, established in 1954, is the nation’s leading association for solar energy professionals and advocates. Recently, ASES published a jobs report that showed how renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors generated more than nine million jobs and over one trillion dollars in annual U.S. revenue.

  7. Solar Mash

    If you want a comprehensive news and information source about solar energy and its technologies, visit Solar Mash. This site contains realistic and constantly updated information about costs, suppliers, systems, and industry trends.

  8. Solar Energy Industries Association

    SEIA is a powerful national U.S. trade association with member companies that research, manufacture, distribute, finance, and build solar projects across the globe. SEIA offers its members advocacy, networking, public relations, and intense market research to help this alternative energy source succeed.

  9. Solar Power Rocks

    If you’re seeking down-to-earth and straight-forward information about home solar-powered systems, this blog provides your answers. Look for information on rebates, tax credits, and other benefits to creating a solar powered energy source for your home.

  10. Syndicated Solar’s Blog

    Learn more about how you can own a solar energy system, including all the information you might need about how it works and what it might cost. Syndicated Solar, located in Grand Junction, Colorado, provides this information free of charge to any reader.

  11. Think Solar Energy

    You can learn more about solar energy at this site, but you also can tap into information about other renewable energy resources. Learn about theories, implementation, issues, and products such as the first Italian electric motorcycle.

  12. Recurrent Energy Blog

    This company focuses on developing and implementing large solar projects for utility companies and other large energy buyers. Their blog reflects their accomplishments as well as promotes solar energy as a renewable resource alongside other technologies.

  13. Solar Panel Talk

    If you’ve already moved into the “yes, I want solar power for my home” phase, then join in the conversations at this forum. The focus here is on power products and systems designed to help anyone succeed with creating a solar energy source for a home.

  14. New York State Solar

    New York State Solar installs residential photovoltaic arrays to provide homes with solar energy. The service also recommends state and federal subsidies that make it less expensive to install home solar panels.

  15. CinciHomeSolar

    Cinci Home Solar focuses on Do-It-Yourself home solar installation. The company will provide consultation and home energy audits to determine how best to harness the power of solar energy to reduce costs and improve the efficiency of a home’s electricity usage.

  16. Green Sun Rising

    Green Sun Rising provides solar energy harvesting systems, including panels, monitoring systems, cabling and and other necessities for getting a home or business solar harvesting system operational. The company hopes to offer clean biomass heating products soon as well.


Energy Law and Policy

The government has an incredible amount of power to influence the energy market, and lately wind and solar farms have been boosted by state and federal subsidies in the U.S. Some countries have fully committed to either wind or solar as their renewable energy of choice, but the U.S. is big enough to accommodate many types of renewable power sources, and energy policy will play a big part in deciding which sources are developed and deployed fastest.

  1. Renewable Energy Law Blog

    The law firm of Dunkiel Saunders Elliott Raubvogel & Hand PLLC provides legal counsel to any entity seeking to finance, develop, and implement renewable energy projects. They write about some of their relevant experiences in this field in this updated blog.

  2. Partnership for Policy Integrity

    PFPI’s current work focuses on biomass energy, especially its impact on air quality, ecosystems, and the climate. The organization utilizes science, policy analysis, and strategic communications to help others fully understand the impact that this energy alternative might have on communities.

  3. Smart Grid News

    Stay on top of electric power sources, news, and analysis, especially if you’re investing in this commodity. Smart Grid News provides information about news, policies, products, key players in this industry, and trends so you can stay smart, too.

  4. Renewable + Law

    Stoel Rives Attorneys at Law started this blog about renewable energy resources and projects, climate policies, emerging technologies, and market developments in 2007. The blog has since expanded to include timely topics such as global warming, economic growth, and national security issues that revolve around changes in the renewable power industry.